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The team at Central Jersey Mechanical uses, Estimation, TradePower's complete estimating solution. It is designed specifically for electrical, mechanical and HVAC contractors to produce quick and accurate bids. Estimation allows contractors to lower costs associated with estimating jobs.

The system provides the most advanced and flexible takeoff devices in the industry including Power Pad and a variety of electronic digitizers that enter blueprint data into the Estimation system. The software then performs calculations and extensions automatically, producing professional estimates and reports to help you make informed business decisions.

Estimation also gives us the flexibility to integrate the system with accounting, purchasing and billing software for complete control of your projects. And with Estimation's connection to TradePower's Online Exchange, we get real-time price and product availability from your suppliers instantly, ensuring committed job costs.

We Use Estimation to:

  • Determine material and labor needs for any job
  • Produce accurate and professional estimates
  • Perform detailed cost analysis, purchasing, and  labor tracking
  • Obtain committed job costs from suppliers

Professional Estimates
Estimation helps us produce fast, accurate, flexible and detailed estimates.

Reduced Costs
By tying together estimates, labor needs and cost analysis, Estimation helps us bid more accurately and save time on paperwork, which results in cost savings.

Greater Intelligence
Real-time pricing information allows us to bid projects intelligently with maximum confidence that we can deliver the job at the right price.

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